Why Maureen?

A group of people with their hands up in the air.

With so many therapist and agencies to choose from, why choose me?

  • Because I am not with an agency, I am not beholden to their rules, especially those that don’t make sense for you, the client.
  • I schedule and confirm all appointments personally. We connect directly, find the best time, and make changes if needed. This helps to keep my fees reasonable. .
  • I am in semi-retirement and carry a limited client load. As such, I am not over-loaded by clients and their needs, allowing me to be more fully present for you.
  • With fewer clients, and more time I am better able to customize your therapy.
  • I love life stories and helping others find their solutions as they write their next chapter.
  • I believe in keeping humor in therapy sessions, it doesn’t pay to be too serious.
  • I come from a very creative background and seek to use creativity in sessions.
  • I have a lot of life experiences of my own including: marriage; divorce; death; children (three, now adults); teaching; designer; and more. All of which inform my attitude of non-judgmental curiosity and alternative solutions.

From L to R: Myself, Garrett, Christine, and Justin. (Yes, it’s an old photo. LOL)

Maureen McLain is fully licensed in the State of Florida graduating from UNF in 2013. Florida license number: MH 13528.