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INSURANCE can leave both you and I hanging. They will require a diagnosis that follows you, without acknowledgment that healing has occurred. For these reasons and more, I do not accept any insurance.

What I offer is a Summary of Services to submit to your insurance for Out of Network reimbursement.

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I choose, instead, to work directly with you, keeping my rates reasonable for today’s market.

I accept cash, check or PayPal. There are no required number of visits a month. You are in control of your therapy.

I work to offer a sliding scale fee to those who are in need and ask. In addition I carry one pro bono slot, (which usually has a wait list).

Counseling For Wholeness Fees:

  • A typical individual session lasts from 50-60 minutes at $100
  • Initial evaluation session lasts 60-70 minutes at $115
  • Children between 10-14 yrs are seen for 30 minutes at $60
  • Couples are typically seen for 90 minutes at $175
  • Customized EFT Scripted session has additional fee

Call or text me at 904 704-0353

Email at: [email protected]